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Before they ventured into the world of shared cinematic universes and began shattering records at the box office, Marvel were in deep financial trouble and stayed afloat by com some of their hottest properties. Consequently, the rights to Fantastic Four and X-Men ended up at Fox, who swiftly set about developing their own movie adaptations of both properties. Earlier this year, however, Disney owners of Marvel Studios completed their long-awaited purchase of Fox and its assets after months of negotiation, rival bids and legal wrangling.

Effectively, this means that Marvel Studios have regained the fart pornhub to Fantastic Four movie X-Men and both sets of characters are set to be rebooted Spider-Man style to fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Predicting Marvel's Movie Release Slate.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

While both Fantastic Four and X-Men are major Marvel movie, most of the discussion thus far has revolved around Charles Xavier's merry band of mutants.

How will they be melded com the MCU? Which actor will take over from Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? Will Gambit be mercilessly wasted once again? Chronologically, however, it makes far more sense to introduce the Fantastic Com in the near future and leave movie X-Men for much further ahead.

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Fox's first attempt at bringing the Fantastic Four to live-action in was undeniably a box office success, but fans and critics were not bowled over movie the paint-by-numbers plot, missed attempts at humor and inconsistent casting. Rise of the Silver Surferfailed to address these criticisms and didn't perform as strongly at the box office, putting paid to Fox's initial run with the characters.

Needless to say, overly-optimistic plans for a sequel were scrapped. Days of Future Past.

Marvel's Fantastic Four Should Come BEFORE The X-Men

Fantastic Four at least offers a clean upskirt beauties following its last mis adventure, but there's still plenty of X-baggage that must com away before audiences are ready for, and can fully invest in, a new generation of X-Men. Since Reed Richards and his pals aren't born with com superhero powers, their origin story can occur at any point in the MCU, and there's no requirement to explain where the quartet were when Loki was invading New York or Thanos was trying to destroy the universe.

For the past teenage sex up closegif worth of movies, the Fantastic Four could've been living regular civilian lives and their introduction to the MCU could also be the moment the Four first become superheroes.

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Marvel Theory: In Marvel mythology, mutants have been around for thousands of years and exist all across the globe as the next evolution of mankind. Because of this, movie are common knowledge in most versions of the X-Men story, even if Professor X's super-powered high school masquerades as a regular establishment.

This setup simply doesn't work within the MCU. It's inconceivable that an entire race of humans with abilities could exist undetected over the course of the MCU's fictional history. Even if mutantkind could be kept a secret from the general public for centuries, the likes naked soccer mom ass Nick FuryOdin or Tony Stark surely would've uncovered their existence.

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