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As the HBO show hits its 20th anniversary, a former sex worker explains why she stopped watching. I loved The Sopranos until I hated it. The complicated tangle of familial love and frustration between Tony James Gandolfinihis wife and his children were, at the time, singularly rendered. And like any Jersey girl who had dozens of second- and third-generation Italian-immigrant friends, the red-sauce conviviality, giant social gatherings and deep, if sometimes sketchy, commitment to Catholicism struck a perfect note. Cookies are important to the proper functioning supranos a website.


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Written nude Lily Burana Published on January 11, My husband, the son of a second-generation Roman Catholic butcher from Queens, spent his childhood sitting down for those dinners of ziti and homemade gravy. It was excellent television. As a recently retired stripper, I watched the scenes set in Bada Bingthe fictional strip club, with trepidation.

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The tony, filmed at real Jersey topless bar Satin Dolls, off of Route 80 in Lodi, were largely focused on the meetings between the made men, with the strippers providing seamy background verisimilitude, like tits-and-ass wallpaper. But when the stripper fucking died, I tuned out for good.

Spoilers ahead. Tony graciously refuses the gift, partly because Tracee is having an affair with Ralphie.

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Tracee tells Tony that she is pregnant with Ralphie's child and asks whether slutty girls at the club should get an abortion; he advises her to do so and not tell Ralphie about nude … [After arguing with Tracee, Ralphie bashes] her head into a metal guardrail, killing her.

In violation of Mafia code, Tony assaults Ralphie, a fellow made man.

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The other Bada Bing strippers ask amongst themselves where Tracee went. Georgie, sporting a bandaged eye, trains a new stripper in place of Tracee.

'The Sopranos' and Its View of Strippers, 20 Years Later

Not addressing the danger that sex workers face can be rightly criticized as whitewashing, but to render it as a non-event can normalize it—oh well, dead stripper, no big. The gruesomeness of the death scene left me supranos was a splatter-fest, graphic beyond any reasonable need.

I knew damn well, from personal observation, that if one of us died, particularly at the hands of a customer, no one would give a shit, and people would probably suggest we were asking for it for working a job like that. James Gandolfini with the author.

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That decision, that sad, fleeting framing of the victim as an actual human being and not solely a prop engaged to showcase male brutishness, showed that Woman had a somewhat moral heart in the center of his tormented soul. I did tune woman for the finale, but I made sure I was bracketed between my husband and a good friend who had been a stripper at a gown club in Connecticut. I needed the moral support, just in case.