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Padukone became an international sensation when she starred in the recent xXx movie with Vin Diesel.

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She was already a sexy star in India as a model and then award-winning actress, but her international fame deepika led to photohoots and racey images which have outraged some of her fans back home. Now new images apparently showing her completely naked with a muscular male model have reignited the controversy - but is it all as it seems?

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Although the bottom half has been blurred out, it is clear that she is topless as she stares provocatively at the camera. The previous images from Maxim showed Padukone showing off her sensational curves witout revealing her fake or bottom, but still caused controversy.

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Padukone new a photos respected actress who has carefully avoided controversy and avoided shooting sexual scenes in her movies in Hollywood and Bollywood.

When the rumours and the images staretd circulating in India that she had shot the rizzling images for the Maxim cover, fans and media coudln't understand why she had done it.

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The Bollywood beauty was trolled recently after a sexy shoot for Maxim magazine. Play slideshow.

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Deepika Padukone wows in plunging gold dress. The pictures appear to show the actress in all her glory. The simple answer is that she didn't. Some technical trickery has replaced a different model's college porn soft videos with the famous actress'.