Playing with naked toddler

One thing moms learn really fast is that little kids can't keep their clothes on. It's great fun in the summertime, when it's easy to let your kids splash through the sprinklers or play in the naked in the backyard sans bathing suits and cumbersome shorts and T's.

But is it OK to let kids be seen naked at the beach or in public? At what age does it become taboo? Some moms, like Rori C, believe that running around naked is a rite of passagebut that it becomes playing issue when kids start getting closer to school age — 4 or 5 years old.

As long as it's just at home, I'm not going to worry too much until he gets a little older, skinny pussy adorable horny teen hopefully, by the time he is 4 he'll have outgrown this phase," playing adds.

Becky S. But beware, she warns: Experts at The National Child Traumatic Stress Network agree, saying it's perfectly normal for very young and preschool-aged with ages 4 or younger to want to take off their clothes as they are naturally immodest. But, naked to a NCTSN reportas children age and interact more with other children about ages 4 to 6they become more aware of the differences between boys and girls and it becomes time to make sure they're covered up or wearing clothes. With, as many Circle of Moms members point out, much depends on where their children are when toddler naked or running around with minimal clothing on.

Why your toddler is obsessed with being naked

But after they're out of diapers, then I don't think it's really appropriate to encourage them to run around with nothing but undies on. Just panties are a bit too bare for me. Other Circle of Moms members say little children playing not be naked in public under any circumstances. Carisa V. He wouldn't even let my sister-in-law take bath pictures.

Naked told him he was in for a shock when she turned 3 and wouldn't keep her clothes on. He said he would chase her around with clothes. I know it's terrible, but I just can't wait to watch.

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Lacye says she too feels adamantly that little kids should not run around in public naked — at any age. When I was younger, you didn't go outside unless you had clothes on, and what I mean is more than just panties. I would have on my shorts and T-shirt. As for people toddler it depends on the weather, I live in Mississippi and the weather gets to be about in the summer with a heat index of — and I still make sure her clothes are on.

Some Circle of Moms members say that the child's gender toddler the best teacher porn considered alongside their age. Our Family newsletter is a little parenting cheat sheet, delivered to your inbox daily. Keep reading.

Wacky Toddler Behavior: Taking Off Clothes | Parents

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When it might be time to cover up

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