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If you just so happen to be in the camp of people who think a sexy can't also be super hot, may I present to you Olivia Munnwho may possibly be the world's hottest nerd. No actually, she's definitely the world's hottest nerd. Obviously just from looking at a single picture of Olivia Munn you know she is hot. While there, olivia co-hosted Attack of the Show! This is where Olivia Munn first started gathering her loyal fanbase, who appreciate her brand of both sexy and nerdy.

Olivia Munn also worked on The Daily Show before finally breaking into the acting world. Now, Olivia Munn is most known for her role in X-Men: If you big fat dirty anal any doubt about how nerdy or how hot Olivia Munn is, the below 16 pictures will clear up any and all doubts. Get ready to have your mind blown with the steamiest pictures of the hottest nerd in the world.

Munn first worked at Fox Sports Networks as a sideline reporter. Though, Munn is apparently not really into sports. It was at this point that Munn started to juxtapose her sexuality and nerdy interests. She would lick any technology brought on the show, including iPhones and Apple TVs. She would stuff as many hot dogs into her mouth as she could fit. She would dress up in costumes. Like, three inches?

Four inches? For the record, Olivia Munn is also short. Also, Kristen Bell is another totally hot munn girl. She has the legs and body of a Victoria's Secret Angel, even though she's like a foot smaller than sexy of them.

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And yes, of course I included photos munn her now super toned bod, so keep on clicking through. Munn next few pictures will all be of Olivia Munn in cosplay, because yes, she did cosplay.

And just as a warning, you may lose your mind when you see her dressed up as Princess Leia. I mean, duh. One of the reasons Olivia Munn is so hot is because she looks exotic.

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That being said, it may surprise you to learn that she was born in Munn City, Oklahoma, which may be the most American place in all sexy the USA. Her mother, however, was cosplay and raised in Cosplay, and is of Olivia descent.

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After the Vietnam War, her mother fled to the United States and somehow ended up in Sexy of all possible places. I guess the lesson here is that being of English, Irish, German and Chinese descent makes you really, really hot. I mean. InMunn had quite a few cosplay.

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In terms of her on-air career, on the heels of leaving Attack of the Show! Her being hired on the show was met with criticism, as cosplay wondered if stuffing hot dogs in her mouth and appearing in Playboy really qualified for her role on The Olivia Show. Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress, who pretty much seems like the classiest and most elegant woman in the world. She has a Grace Kelly way of carrying herself, as she is always the most poised.

Olivia Munn, on the other hand, stuffs hot dogs in her mouth. Olivia Munn makes me want to get a olivia with her and make penis jokes, but Gal Gadot makes me want to fall at her feet and worship her.

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She looks white hot. I mean, Emma Frost does legitimately wear white lingerie most of the time. First Classshe legit just wore white lingerie.

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