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It was 8 in the Morning and Padma had got up early today, she was just roaming around the house in her negligee doing her daily chores, her husband Sanjay left for work and She was alone, at least for a while.

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Her nephew Raj had visited their place last night and after a nice dinner, since it was pretty late so he decided to sleepover.

Sanjay and Padma were more than happy to be hosts for this lovely young guy. Padma had a thing going on for Raj, his nice physique, great looks complimenting every aspect of his athletic body. Raj, even though being a good looking person he was, he still was alone. Padma started to imagine about all the aspects with him, As sex for her these days was just padma to cuddling and a couple of blowjobs. Padma snapped off the trance, She had been imagining vividly aunty a while. She got up went to the shower, undressed herself and started the hot water.

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Drops of warm water touched her lovely body as she caressed herself with the soap, the lovely fragrance and the padma hot water, made it even more sexier. She cupped her 36D breasts and pinched her nipples playfully and a nude smile sat on her face. The water felt different today, it was making her hornier, she looked down and saw her pubes, they had grown quite a bit, She sat on the edge of the bathtub and started applying some foam on her pussy.

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Using her razor started shaving the unwanted bush. Padma realized herself that the morning was different today and that she was feeling more horny than ever, but couldn't realize, why. She was clean shaved by then, "Aaahh!!

She turned of the water, dried herself with nude towel and wore nude beautiful black panties and a lacy black bra, she was looking admirable.

She came out of the bath and looked at the clock 9: Hurriedly aunty put on her bathrobe and came out of her room walked towards the guest room. She opened the door and found Raj snuggled up in his blankets, oldmangaysex Raj.

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Raj " she called " Wake up you lazy boy ". Raj did not cine sex, Padma became impatient and pulled the sheets off him, Padma was shocked Raj was just in his tiny undies; His cock was massive due to the early morning erection Padma freaked out and almost screamed.

Raj woke up, He freaked out himself nude blabbered "Padma, I am I mean I am Sorry" and he tried to hide himself with the blankets.