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Sometimes, the role centers on sex: We put together a list of some of the biggest names to get naked for the camera; as long as they are on screen with nothing on. We start with the more subtle shots and the blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments, before getting to the A-listers who were happy to let it all hang out! Because of the nature of this list, it like the films on it!

Movies entire scene screams sexfrom her purring voice, to her openly admitting to enjoying sex, to her oh-so-subtle cigarette. Sharon Stone became infamous for the shot, and this scene has been deconstructed many times in university classroom discussions about female power and the male gaze in film.

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One of the most famous wangs in the business has to be Mr Wahlberg's, following his particularly actors performance in Boogie Nights. The nude bulge and final shots were actually done with a prosthetic penis - one that Wahlberg nude held on to after filming!

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Although there are many carefully-placed mirror frames and the like to keep her pubic area hidden, she spends much of the film naked; whether taking clothes off, putting them on, or just gazing at herself in her marital discontent. Throughout the film, the statuesque Australian has perfected the art of turning just enough to get her breasts and actors bum in the same shot, and she uses it to good effect.

However, there are a couple nude that are sure to have some fingers hovering actors the pause button! This is definitely an instance of realism taking precedence over modesty — what kind of psychotic killer would stop to put on underwear before chasing down and brutally murdering a half-naked girl?

In a famously powerful sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton, Berry pulls of her clothes and begs him to make her feel good. It sounds sultry, but is actually an incredibly raw and uncomfortable scene, rather than a sexy one.

Bonus points or possibly, whatever the opposite of bonus points would be for getting some Billy Bob butt on screen at the same time. In a film about a sex worker, surely you would be forgiven for expecting to see a little actors, well… sex?

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One of the first films to ever showcase a movies star entirely in the nude, American Gigolo will always remain an important movie in the halls of full frontal fame. Piper spends quite a bit of the series based on the real life experiences of a call girl named Belle Du Jour in various states of undress, from totally naked to carefully coiffed in various fetish outfits and sexy costumes.

Expect plenty of nude tasteful sex scenes and casual nudity throughout, with many of the others cast members joining her in the nude. For an actress who often plays the girl-next-door, Secret Diary of a Call Girl is a refreshing change for the British actress. Good to see that he has a actors of humor about the world discussing his private parts! During her time on the show, she bared all in what seemed like every other episode, as Sam slept her way through most of the eligible men in New York City.

Funnyman Jason Segel bared all for this rom-com, in a scene where his girlfriend breaks up with him when he is fresh out of the shower. Somehow, he manages to cover the initial groan-worthy dirty comedy especially with that invitational shakeawkward humor as his girlfriend attempts to dump a naked man, and some real pity for the character all at the same time.

Most tragically of all, Segel has said in past interviews that he wrote the scene based on a real-life experience of his. Kate Winslet has an impressive back catalog of nude scenes, including her famous moment with Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.

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While this scene porn tits mega fox counts as on-screen nudity her drawing is hot indian girls images youtube revealing, but the scene itself barely lingers on a nipplethe film is not her first, nor her last example of baring it all. She has multiple bath scenes, sex scenes and standing-around-naked movies to her credit, including some very explicit skinny dipping in Iris.

Back in in an interview with Time Magazine, she did say that she doubted that she would keep getting her kit off in films, but only time will tell if The Reader was indeed her last full-frontal scene. Jane also caused controversy when some of nude remarks in an interview were taken as a confession that he had worked as a male prostitute in his youth, although he later denied those same rumors.

If they are true, it would certainly explain his relaxed attitude to professional nudity. Proving that age is no reason to amazing aubra your clothes on, Helen Mirren was most recently au naturel in movies in her late 50s movies the British comedy Calendar Girls.