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Guys, naked, sailing on a traditional wooden vessel through the Flores Sea. Free, sea honest, and fun. True camaraderie.

Naked Man Festival – Lost in the Lens

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, this is. Nacked dream that can be fulfilled. No patronizing, no know-it-all attitude. To make a decision, you just need the basics — like details about the ship, passenger spaces, meal logistics, itineraries, and costs. Maybe check guy what others are saying about us — in the media or from past travelers. And then, you just need to make up your mind.

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Please check your Inbox or Spam folder to confirm your subscription. Some guys are in shorts or sarongs or speedos; some are nude. This is the way to be. These are, you realize, the sunsets of your life.

Mob Of Naked Men Rushed to The Sea to Save A Family From Sinking Boat

And this… this is the time to let loose. Really night. Really dark. The cabins have their own energy: Click any pic for 16 Ambience photos. Click any pic for 16 Voyage photos.

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Glancing around, you can see craggy rocks, free lesbians porn sites hills, and mountains — all surrounded by a mix of seas. The sparkling sun reflects off them, and wildlife appears at the strangest times think flying fish, flying foxes, and sea blue kingfishers — flying fast from the trees. As striking as it is wild, nacked land and the sea and the air and guy light all combine to create a spectacular landscape.

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For our 4 day trips, you can expect to see:. See our full 4-day itinerary. See our full 7-day itinerary Click any pic for 16 Voyage photos. Pinisi have been made this way for at least 1, years, by craftsmen on the southern part of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.