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There are quite a few movies out there that have given us some interesting sex scenes.

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Not too long ago, you couldn't see couples in the same bed together on television. And now, movies have grown so comfortable with depicting sexuality on screen that there scene been many different takes on it. These sex scenes are sometimes played for comic relief and can be pretty outlandish. But the realistic part is also coming from the technology, hot the lengths actors will go to give a good performance. This means some scripted movies gif TV shows are starting to rival porn.

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But the HBO show isn't the only show or movie to be appreciated on porn websites. So what else in entertainment is so hot you might want to get your rocks off to? We've gathered 20 GIFs from the hottest sex scenes in movie history.

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Not only do these movies have saucy moments, but they have interesting stories you should check out on your private movie night. Follow Us.

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Sign in. Nicole Weaver. Sex June 3, Blue is the Warmest Color The French story is pretty erotic and has given us an amazing seven-minute love scene between Adele and Emma.

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Once you watch it you'll probably find it tough to find a better sex scene in a main stream movie. Fifty Shades of Grey Scene what you will about the plot.

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But when Christian comes into Anastasia's house and takes control gif things, you'll get a better understand of what all the fuss was about for this franchise. Atonement You'll want to naked redheads with tans to get it on in a library after seeing Robbie and Cecilia's steamy scene together.

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Unfaithful The sexy thriller about a wife's affair has plenty of hot scenes, but there's nothing quite like this one to get across how sexy this movie is. Sex Titanic is a classic love story, and pretty much cemented Mega muscle worship DiCaprio as a heart throb.

Hot scene of Rose and Jack was so sensual and literally steamy! Risky Business When this movie is mentioned, everyone thinks about Tom Cruise dancing in his shirt, glasses and socks.

But there's also an underrated sex scene of him and a woman on a train. Pretty Woman Sex rom-com is remembered for many iconic outfits and moments. But there was also the scene of Vivian seducing Edward on the piano.