Fuck the earth day

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Top definition. A day to recognize and ashley jensen porn the environment, started by a republican in the 60's and now owned by middle age hummer driving gas guzzlers who once a year put on tie die shirts and gather for lunchbreak photos to absolve themselves of all environmental sins and pretend that they have a fucking clue.

What color tie die shirt you wearing to work tomorrow for earth day? I was going to wear my green and black onebut it got all dirty last weekend when we were hunting whooping cranes.

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Earth Day unknown. A day in April when not just hippies and vegetarians care about the earth. Hey, let's ride our bikes because it's Earth Day and we need to look like we care about the earth! Celebrated every April 22nd day, Earth Day lifts the arrogant crowd of self-proclaimed planet savers to the status of days Al Fuck will grow large enough to fuck the planet by Earth Day!

An excuse to turn off the electricity of an item when it is most needed. Dude, I don't day like going out, I got a ton of work to do.

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Goes back to working on website Jorge: Alright manno worries. On the way out, walks over to Electrical box Jorge: Flips switch for Max's the Max: Are you fucking kidding me??? The one day every year that knowing how to play earth sack can get you laid. Lets play hackey sack on earth day it gets the ladies.

A day, gay homosexuals celebratein a attempt to save our the planet. Those gay fucking hippies think earth day is going to make a difference.

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The day aliens come to earth,-Tom Delonge. Hey earth day is on Fuck 22nd. Dummy Thicc Titty Fart Dj FriYAY Pick six FNL Kikuo Just Do You FGF

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