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How to Remove Facial Hair From Your Chin, Upper Lip, and More | Allure

There was a time, removal that long ago, when the state of your mustache was considered classified information. But with beauty entrepreneur Huda Kattan sharing her face-shaving routine on Instagram, and actress Thandie Newton flashing a selfie while bleaching her upper lip, it's safe to say facial hair removal tools are coming facial of the shadows.

Whether you groom your lady beard or not, remember: There is nothing abnormal about growing hair on your face. It's biology. The areas that are most testosterone-receptive? The upper lip, chin, and sideburns.

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But you knew that. Wash first. Clean skin is crucial. This could lead to an infection, which could cause scarring, and that's a much larger problem than facial hair," says Henry. Go with the grain. This is nonnegotiable when you're hair a blade over your skin or plucking.

How to Remove Facial Hair by Waxing

Otherwise, you risk getting ingrowns. Soothe skin hair. A serum or lotion with lactic or salicylic acid will "soothe your follicles," says Henry, "and prevent ingrowns. As the gold-plated tip of this battery-powered device rapidly rotates, the tiny slits slice hairs.

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Tester says: It felt like absolutely nothing, like running your fingers across your face, zero irritation. Facial definitely removal a permanent member of my beauty arsenal. An at-home version of dermablading—where a derm uses a surgical blade to remove dead skin cells and baby hairs—this chargeable device both exfoliates deeper, say derms, than in-office microdermabrasion and removes hair. Sonic vibrations amateur sex web friction.

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But after watching YouTube video reviews to prep, I did my entire face in three minutes, easy. It didn't hurt, just felt like gentle scraping. The next day, my skincare products sunk in more quickly and my home blended more seamlessly—nice bonus.

Facial Hair Removal for Women: 10 Ways to Get Smooth Skin

This Japanese stainless steel blade is tiny and precise, removal you to clean up specific areas not the whole face. Hold it at a degree angle for closeness sans cuts. After I used it, my complexion turned a little red, but I wasn't surprised because I have reactive skin. It went home to normal within 20 minutes. Jaliman says: You can expect the results to last a bit longer than shaving.

With two different-sized blades for different-sized areas, this pen-shaped razor is motorized, so you don't have to press and facial it as you would with a manual tool this helps prevent irritation and uneven hair.

It didn't perform the best, though, on my stubborn chin strands. For that, I'll still rely on my trusty tweezer, but I'll use this for fine patches. This facial hair removal home is great for sensitive skin, as it contains vitamin E and grape seed oil.