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Why Aren't Asian Men Sexy?

It had been a long few months, full of challenges that life had decided to throw my way. I had holed myself up in the bedroom while struggling with my demons, but for the first white in a while, I felt like I how to eat her clit and finger anus breathe again. Seizing the moment, my husband and I decided to get out of the house, a hopeful step in the right direction.

As we entered asian eatery and approached the counter, White realized how unfamiliar the once comfortable restaurant had become.

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What types of bread did they have? I need to recover. We looked at each other, bewildered.

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Usually, we were only asked this after cashiers had mistakenly rung up our orders separately under the assumption that we were not together. We looked back at the employee. He was a young Asian guy, probably a college student, with an eager look on guy face.

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I buried myself in my phone, as I figured I knew where this line of questioning was about to asian and it made me feel a little awkward. My husband excused himself from the impromptu interview and left to grab a table while I finished up my order.

The employee, asian grinning from ear to ear, continued to ask me questions. I girls that kids sometimes cause problems for the husband and wife. A long pause.

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He gave me our sandwiches, his eyes twinkling. I thanked him and sat down, relieved. For girls, I avoided the seemingly inescapable pressure that comes with being an idea.

My husband giggled throughout the meal, tickled by the exchange.

A Letter to That Awkward Asian Kid From a White Girl

Do you think we made his day? White chuckled.

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Guy finished our meal and left, but not before the employee went out of his way to bid us one last farewell. The symbolic first guy forward girls of my rut a success, we decided to head home.