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African dance refers mainly to the dance of Sub-Saharan Africaand more appropriately African dances because of the many cultural differences in musical and movement styles. These dances must be dance in close connection with Sub-Saharan African music traditions and Bantu cultivation of rhythm.

African dance utilizes the concept of as well as total body articulation. Dances teach social patterns and values and help people work, mature, dance or criticize members of african community while celebrating festivals and funerals, competing, reciting history, proverbs and dance and to encounter gods. With the exception of some sex, religious or initiation dances, there are traditionally no barriers between dancers and onlookers.

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Even ritual dances often have a time when african participate. Traditional dance in Africa occurs collectively, expressing the life of the community more than that of individuals or sex. Early commentators consistently commented on sex absence of close couple dancing: Emphasizing individual talent, Yoruba dancers and drummers, balss example, express communal desires, values, and collective creativity.

Dances are usually segregated by sex, where gender roles in children and other community structures such as: Boys show off their stamina in highly energetic dances, providing a means of judging physical health.

Master dancers and drummers instruct children to learn dances exactly as taught without variation.

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Improvisation or a new variation comes only after one has mastered the dance, performed, and sex received the appreciation of spectators and the sanction of village elders. Throughout western and central Africa child's play typically includes games that develop skills in understanding rhythms.

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The most widely used musical instrument in Africa is the human voice. In an African community, coming together in response to the beating of the drum is an opportunity to give one another a sense of belonging and of solidarity, a time to connect with each other and be part of a collective rhythm of the life in which young and old, rich and poor, men and women are all dance to contribute to the society. Shoulders, chest, pelvis, arms, legs etc. Dancers in Nigeria commonly combine at least two rhythms in their movement, and the blending of three rhythms can be seen among highly skilled dancers.

Articulation of as many as four distinct rhythms is rare. Very complex movements are possible even though the body does not move through space.

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The drumming represents an underlying linguistic text that guides the dancing performance, with most emotional meaning being derived from the actions and metalanguage of the dancer's performance. While the spontaneity of the dancer's performance creates an impression of improvisation, it is a rather strenuously rehearsed technique. The use of this style of dance is not to emphasize the individual's experience, but instead african mediate the interaction between the audience and the drummers performance.

Different parts of the body are emphasized by different groups. The upper body is emphasized by the Anlo-Ewe and Lobi of Ghana. Subtle accent of the hips is characteristic of the Kalabari of Nigeria.

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In Agbor, strong contraction-release movements of the pelvis and upper torso characterize both male and female dancing. The Akan of Ghana use the feet and hands in specific ways.

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